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So apparently we're supposed to do something with gender-bending. Uh. I had to ask what that was but once I figured it out I knew what I was going to do!
Dude,He looks like a girl anyway and I didn't even have to change his face!
Now the cut worksCollapse )

(OOC: Because Davis would totally forget the bikini part :|)
Ok so I was looking up my fandom on the internet hoping to find some good pictures of Hikari-chan when I found this thing. Apparently some fans had a soccer game as us against the Pokemon characters. I have two questions.

Dude! Why is Mimi kicking butt out there and WHY IS MR.POPO IN IT? D:?
Wtf Soccer...Collapse )

(The Popo is me btw. My friend made the costume the saturday night of con for the lulz. Don't I look stupid 8D)

Jun. 6th, 2009

Well dudes, I think Ken has completely lost it. I mean he says he wants me out of here after making me make that deal! And dude. So not cool! I thought you were my buddy, Wormmon!  It's even worse that I have no bids! I'm a cool guy! Hey guys... You'd bid on me right?
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Umm -so this really isn't that bad...well except being yelled at. How was I supposed to know I wasn't supposed to push buttons? Dude!Ken needs to take a chill pill. Anyway, he showed me this before. Totally not cool.

Cut because Daisuke would forget toCollapse )

Oh! And Ken gave me pixie-stix to shut me up so I  went to play with the Aerodramon! Hey Ken! Do you have Karaoke in this place?

OOC: Sugar high was Kens idea by the by. Does anyone know how to make journal backgrounds? I really want a soccer one but the only one I know of is on pay accounts.
So ... hypothetically you lose a bet to the guy your friends have been fighting against for a while and now you're stuck as his servant for a long time.

What do you do?

Um... sorry guys! I never thought he'd be able to stay awake through a class with the most boring teacher ever!!!
Uh... yeah. So todays mothers day and my sister and I made mom breakfast in bed.

I made my mom a card but I don't know if I should give it to her since I got talked into writing a poem for it. It goes

Happy Mothers Day
It's pretty out in may.
I like soccer so lets play
You'd make a good goalie mom, hooray!

Uh, so do you think I should give it to her?
Looking at other peoples posts kinda got me thinking. At the end of our show they say everyone has a digimon, right? So, Dude, what would Mr. T have! So...yeah well you know it has to have that mohawk thing, right! and I think it should be red cause...well reds cool.  Here's a pic I did.  Jun says I suck at drawing but oh well. OOC cut because as always ,Davis would forget...Collapse )
Edit: Dude!! Hikari-chan helped me name him! He's called A-mon!
So if your best friend keeps calling you names, is it a bad thing to hide his digivice in the freezer?

He's getting all bent out of shape over it and stuff.
Dude, I'm so bored. gimme something to draw in paint. Like... I can draw a soccerball so I guess I could draw other things. It's a really good soccer ball too!

Mar. 30th, 2009

Dude... LOL!

So Matt made a post of this kid that looked like me so I went looking around the internet and I found GOTH T.R.

Like... Dude.... That's so not right. look, T.D. is EMO looking!!!
Goth T.F.Scares me.Collapse )